Why the name "Stodgy"?

It's a bit tongue-in-cheek. Typically, "stodgy clothes" is a negative term. We take pride in producing and selling garments of lasting quality and style. Our hope is to make clothes that won't make you laugh (or cringe) while looking back at photos in 20 years.

It says "Made in the USA". Are all of your products made in America?

Yep, all of our stuff is produced in the USA. The sweatshirts are sewn in Allentown, PA from fabric sourced in the Carolinas. The belts and bags are made in Essex, Connecticut.

Where can I buy Stodgy clothes?

You've found the right place... shop.

What's the deal with shipping?

See our shipping and returns page.

How's the fit (what size should I buy)?

We recommend ordering your "normal" size. For guys, a large is roughly a 43 jacket size or a 16.5 / 35 shirt. If in doubt, size up. Ladies, feel free to pick up a few for yourself. Our smalls are roughly a size 4-6. But ladies sizes are tricky, so that's just a guideline.

Stodgy Size Chart

At first, it'll probably fit a bit snug. We recommend wearing the sweatshirt for a few hours. You'll find it stretches to your fit (kind of like denim).

For the belts, order 2 inches larger than your pants waist.